Sport and cultural activities in Villar d'arène and La Grave.

The La Meije area is one of the most beautiful areas for sport and cultural activities. Famous for extreme skiing as much for family holidays.

Come here to breathe!


Villar d'arène is in the center of some of the biggest stations 3km near one of th most famous offsite skki areas in the world : La Grave.




Sport activities




Culture et patrimoine

Villar d'arène is famous for its history, a village well-known and loved for its history.


Ancient breadmaking tradition "Pain Noir"

Villar d'Arène has a unique tradition of making "pain bouilli". For centuries bread was a staple food of the local habitants "Faranchin".


                                                                              This bread is baked evrey year the 3rd week-end of november and is known as "pain d'étape".

L'âtre du four banal de villar d'Arène - @JeanHuet


Jardin Alpin du Lautaret

At 2100 m, at Le col du Lautaret, you will find the alpine flowers from the region and mountains of the world.
L'âtre du four banal de villar d'Arène - @JeanHuet
Villar d'arène's mill is based on the 17th century building and was restaured by Maurice Mattonet, a lover of tradition and king to teach new generations, the ways of life of previous century. 
The ecomusuem is one the recommanded visit in the "Haut Oisans". You will find a collection of tools and objects of the past.



Chapels and Churches

You can enjoy a walk and discover the chapels of the region of Villar d'arène, the church at the heart of the village built in 1860.


Fountains :you can follow the circuit " au fil de l'eau " that will show you every fountains of the village that what used for fires.
If you like stars and the milky way, there is " l'Astroguindaine " that will make you disciver the space.

Discover the local architecture : "les blettes "that still dry on balcony and sundial made by the children of the village near the Church.

Further information on tourist attractions is available at Enseignes de Villar d'Arène et de the tourist office Pays de la Meije